Question: What is SNAP?
Answer: SNAP provides a nationwide network of individual independently owned and operated investor affiliates who focus on buying houses. SNAP was created to connect homeowners across the country with these local investor affiliates. Our network of investor affiliates is comprised of many individuals and entities that can pay cash for properties and close quickly—no matter the circumstances.


Question: Who usually sells to SNAP?

Answer: Our sellers come from all over the United States. Most sellers have a desire to sell their property to a local investor who will close quickly with a hassle free transaction.

People who take advantage of  SNAP's home-buying network sell for a variety of reasons, some of which include:

  • The desire to avoid real estate commissions and a lengthy sale process
  • Inherited property
  • Having a house that may need repairs or updating
  • Relocation due to job transfer or retirement
  • The desire to liquidate assets due to divorce
  • Possibly falling behind on payments and risking foreclosure.

Regardless of the circumstances, SNAP is here to connect you with your local home buyer. Whether you are looking to close quickly and get cash or just have a hassle free transaction, a local investor affiliate of SNAP is available to work with you.


Question: What types of properties do you buy?
Answer: Our investor affliates buy all types of properties including: houses, condos, mobile homes, townhouses, duplexes, apartment complexes and commercial buildings.  


Question: Where do your investor affiliates buys houses?
Answer: All Across the United States.


Question: How does the process work?
Answer: You can call 1-800-222-SNAP (7627) or fill out our brief online form. The information will be sent to one of our local investor affiliates who will contact you to set up an appointment to view your property.


Question: Am I under any obligation to SNAP if I submit the online form or receive an offer from an investor affiliate?
Answer: No, you are not under any obligation to SNAP or to one of our investor affiliates when you contact us, whether you show your property to one of our investor affiliates or when you receive an offer on your property.


Question: Are there any fees to make an offer for my house?
Answer: There are NO fees whatsoever. A local SNAP investor affiliate will view the property, explain the transaction process, and if your property qualifies, will make an offer to you at no cost


Question: How will the investor affiliate determine the price offered for my property?
Answer: Each SNAP local investor affiliate will take into account several different factors when making an offer.


These factors may include:

  • The condition of the property
  • The extent, cost, and time it may take to complete any renovations
  • The costs associated with the house such as property taxes, insurance premiums & utilities fees
  • The value of the house once renovations are complete
  • Others factors important to the investor affiliate

Properties are usually purchased at a discount from full market value as our investor affiliates typically offer the conveniences of paying cash, closing quickly and usually pay most normal closing costs for both sides of the transaction. Each local investor affiliate strives to offer an equitable and hassle free price for each property.


Question: If I have any further questions, how do I contact SNAP?
Answer: You can email us at We will answer your questions as quickly as possible.